With easy to use, powerful HR features, PAYDAY can take your business to the next level.

Clock-In & Clock-Out

Clock-In & Clock-Out Information is embedded in our HR Platform so You Can Always Keep Track of Time.
  • GPS based Clock-In & Clock-Out
  • Location-Selfie based Clock-In & Clock-Out
  • Data Overview on the HR Dashboard

Auto-Calculate Payroll

Automatic payroll calculation –Just a few clicks with PAYDAY , salary will be distributed automatically.
  • Automatic payroll calculation
  • Seamless salary distribution with SCB or upload batch file for multiple banks
  • View E-Payslip for employees

Made Taxes Easy

Comprehensive Tax Overview - Taxes are automatically calculated so you always know what is due.
  • Automatic tax calculation for employees and company
  • Provident fund
  • Investment recommendations (LTF/RMF/Life Insurance) for tax saving purposes (coming soon)

Employee Requests (ESS)

Employees are Able to Submit a Multitude of Requests from their Mobile device without Having to go to HR or Having to Submit Paperwork.
  • Customizable Approval Process for the Employer with Multiple Steps
  • Holiday Request
  • Expense Request
  • Sick Leave Request
  • Overtime Request
  • Field Work Request with Remote Clock-In
  • Advance Cash Request for Business Purposes

Company Announcements

Keep you Employees Informed with the Latest Company Announcements, sent Directly to Their Mobile Devices.
  • Announce Company Events
  • Holidays and more
  • Company Announcements through Push-Notification (coming soon)

Employee Self-Onboarding (ESS)

HR saves time as Employees Directly Enter the Required Data into the HR Platform, for a Streamlined Employee Self-Onboarding Process.
  • Customizable Data Fields

Employee Database & Records

Comprehensive record keeping of current and past employees, so paperwork is a thing of the past.
  • Employee information database
  • Company organizational chart

Government Forms

All the Forms that you need to Submit to the Government Easily Extractable, all in One Place and always up to date.
  • Tax Deduction Form (PND)
  • Social Security Form (SSOs)
  • And many more…

Multi-Branch Management

Manage All Your Branches with ease, no Matter How Many Branches you have, all across Thailand.
  • Summary Reports for Employers
  • Financial Reports about Salary and Overtime expense
  • Attendance Records

HR Reports

Informative Reports can be Exported from the System in Matter of Seconds.
  • Unlimited Branches
  • Centralized Data Platform

Our Security and Technology is Trusted

With our private data cloud, bank approved security standards and our digital eco-system we can safeguard sensitive information - your HR Data is in good hands.
Private Data Cloud with Bank Level security
We use 128 bit encription to make sure your businees is 100% safe
Our eco-system allows businesses to manage their employees 24/7

PAYDAY also available on mobile

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